Full of ambition and ready for the kick-off of your career?

At ScreenCom it’s all about communication. Communication by using high tech displays from Samsung and the messages that gets send across with handy and smart software solutions. The solution? That’s what we create and deliver! Are you interested in technique or sales and marketing, then you should join our team!

Are you looking for a kick-off for your career filled with challenges and future possibilities? Feel free to send us an open application and tell us about your power and ambition. Or you can apply to one of our available vacancies.

We work for, among others:

Always looking for new talent

Our doors are open for new talent. We would love to meet you if you want to work with digital signage. Whether you want to work with the technique behind the solution, or you want to provide the right advice for innovative signage software, you are free to join. Let us know what your passion is and why you will be a solid addition to our team!

Meet the team

We are a sociable, ambitions team and we are not afraid of sharing our thoughts. There are more men than women, but surely don’t won’t be an issue, right? Together we strive for improving on a daily basis and we are not afraid to get a little competitive. Not a single day has to be the same and we like a bit of tention. Performing under pressure is totally for us, this allows us to come up with the best solutions.

We don’t take ourself too serious, unless it comes to getting stuff done. Our customers are important ofcourse and we like to get along with every single one of them. With a great mind we like to get the best results! (with minimum effort) 😉

Our favorites

  • Playing pool
  • Soccer
  • Apple, Tesla
  • Coffee, Heineken & white wine
  • Captain Rondo’s, chocolate or vanilla, or both!
  • But there’s a catch, some of us are a bit sporty. Let the competition begin!

A day at the office ...